Freelance Administrative Support

Building a business or organization is difficult and time consuming, but even much more for those who try to do everything on their own.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO IT ALL!  We offer virtual administrative support for community outreach and small business leaders looking to free up time and headspace during times of transition and expansion.  The following is an overview of the services we provide.


Power Hours

How's your to do list looking?  Have a few items on there that HAVE to be done, but you would rather not bog up your schedule with it?  Hire us for a power hour or two.  We can take those off your plate so you have more time to handle the other pressing tasks on your list.  


long-term support

Maybe an hour isn't enough to get the job done?  Don't worry, you can retain our services to keep the ball rolling.  We offer long-term administrative support for those seeking to fill part-time roles.  Keep us on call and automate necessary portions of your operations without hiring a full-time staff person!


project based support

Our most common level of support is project based.  Our clients hire us for project based adminsitrative support to complete time sensitive projects to bring efficiency and simplified organization to their operations.


ministry and community outreach

By centering our consultations and action plans around your organization's mission and vision, together we ensure your operations run with purpose and intent.  We find ways to alleviate time for leaders from dreaded tasks, empower volunteers and staff persons to work in their strengths, and help strengthen your unique culture.  Through program evaluation, we help leaders see where they can overcome pitfalls, increase engagement, and impact more lives for The Kingdom of God!


small business operations

When working alongside businessowners, we find ways to help them automate their systems of operation.  Businessowners are visionaries, and need to be empowered to work tirelessly to see their vision come to pass.  Whether it be establishing an administrative operating system that allows them to work remotely, train staff persons on ways to efficiently fulfill their roles in the company, or simply help get systems written down to aide in establishing seamless succession plans, we pride ourselves on empowering business leaders.